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Racism at NPR?

Hardly, but a nice item for the "If Fox News had done this" file.

Here's the website title of a recent NPR piece that has some in D.C. up in arms:

“D.C., Long ‘Chocolate City,’ Becoming More Vanilla”

An excerpt from NBC 10 on the controversy:

But Garber and others didn’t like the portrayal, as even WAMU’s Anna John noted , where she headlined a post “‘Morning Edition’ Chokes On Chocolate City.”

On his own blog And Now, Anacostia, Garber wrote that the NPR story “was a dishonest portrayal of the changes that are happening in Anacostia. First, his evidence that black people are being forced out is based entirely on the story of one man who chose to buy a larger and more expensive house in PG County than one he was considering near Anacostia. Second, he attempts to prove that Anacostia is becoming ‘more vanilla’ by talking about one white person, me — and I don’t even live there anymore.”

Garber also complained that Kellogg “chose to sensationalize my move out of Anacostia” by linking it to a break-in at his home, which Garber says was unrelated to his move. Garber says Kellogg chose to repeat the “canned story” of Anacostia — which a “quick and dirty race narrative.”

Garber continues, “White people are moving into Anacostia. So are black people. So are Asian people, Middle Eastern people, gay people, straight people, and every other mix. And good for them for believing in a neighborhood in spite of its challenges, and for meeting its hurdles head on and its new amenities with a sense of excitement.”

So a better title would be, “D.C., Long ‘Chocolate City,’ Becoming More Like 31 Flavors”?

Greg Pollowitz

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Racism at NPR?

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