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'Assault on Coal Losing Steam?'

From the editors of Wheeling, W. Va.'s Intelligencer:

Opposition to President Barack Obama's global warming initiative, along with other aspects of his assault on coal, appears to be heating up. What should concern the president – and encourage tens of millions of Americans – is that he no longer can count on Democrats in Congress to support him.

Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, has been a staunch supporter of most of the Obama agenda. But this week, he sent the White House a letter urging the "economic repercussions" of the assault on coal be considered.

Just how much of a change has occurred in Brown's thinking is not known. However, he was firmly in Obama's corner on global warming matters last year. At that time, he opposed a proposal – in which former Sen. George Voinovich, R-Ohio, was a leader – to curb the Environmental Protection Agency's authority regarding greenhouse gases.

Now, Brown warns in his letter to the White House, that "without careful consideration, the unintended consequences of imprudent regulation could ultimately undermine our shared objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and spurring economic growth."

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Greg Pollowitz

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'Assault on Coal Losing Steam?'

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