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Exchange of the Day

The White House is now directing the White House Press Corps to find out its own answers on Japan:

JAKE TAPPER, ABC NEWS: "What is going on over there right now? We have not heard the latest information from the NRC or the Japanese government and apparently there has been something that has happened in the last few hours."

CARNEY, WH Press Secretary: "Well, it is clearly a crisis. There is clearly –"

TAPPER: "– what is specifically going on?"

CARNEY: "Again, I am standing here at the White House, I think you have reporters in Japan, you have reporters including ones here that could get the technical detailed information on what we know from the NRC, from the Department of Energy –"

"It's up to the media, not the government?" Tapper asked in response to Carney dismissing his question.

"No, no I just referred to government agencies that can provide technical information…" Carney responded.

Video here.

Greg Pollowitz

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Exchange of the Day

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