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Hey, Teens, Who Wants to Listen to the President?

From Tuesday's Morning Jolt:

The Kids Are All Right

It sounds like high schoolers are tired of listening to the president’s speeches, too: “The White House is ramping up an effort to promote a nationwide competition to decide which high school wins a commencement speech by President Obama.  An internal White House memo indicates that the White House is facing a shortage of applications less than a week before the deadline. The competition was extended from the February 25 deadline until Friday, March 11 after few schools met the original application deadline. CBS News has learned a White House Communications Office internal memo dated February 22 noted "a major issue with the Commencement Challenge." 

"As of yesterday we had received 14 applications and the deadline is Friday," the memo said. The memo also urged recipients to, "please keep the application number close hold."

A follow-up memo on February 28 reported receipt of 68 applications. Noting the competition among more than 1,000 schools last year, the memo said, "Something isn't working." It called on staffers to ask "friendly congressional, gubernatorial and mayoral offices" to encourage schools to apply.”

Maybe an Obama speech shouldn’t be seen as an incentive; perhaps it would make a powerful punishment.

The Troglopundit tries to sort through the various possibilities: “So even those thousand-plus schools that applied last year decided: nah, let’s not just re-submit the photocopy of last year’s application. Too much trouble.

"What the hell’s going on out there? Hell if I know, coach, but I can tell you what isn’t going on out there. What isn’t going on is: government schools losing that lovin’ Obama feeling. I’m just guessing, here, but my guess is: educrats — both teachers and administrators — are far more likely to be rabid Obamatons than the general public . . . It could be that a months-long push to 'win the contest' and 'bring President Obama here' would look like partisan favoritism in the schools. But, feh, looking like partisans never stopped government schools before. It could be that the security nightmare that is a Presidential visit is turning schools sour. Every single person in attendance would have to submit their names and Social Security numbers in advance. And you’d better show up 3 hours early to get through security. And there’ll probably be protests. And counter-protests. And lots of media. It’s a headache, is what I’m saying.”

Jim Geraghty

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Hey, Teens, Who Wants to Listen to the President?

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