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Measuring GOP Effectiveness by Joe Manchin's Jitters

In today's Morning Jolt:

Man Up, Manchin!

I love Red State Democrats. They’re like Geiger counters for effective conservative arguments. The more they twitch, the more you know our stuff is working.

I guess I shouldn’t call West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, who won office by depicting himself shooting the cap and trade bill, the, er, canary in the coal mine. “Freshman Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin accused President Obama of sitting on the sidelines Tuesday while Congress debates 'wildly different' budget bills that are expected to fail. 'Our president has failed to lead this debate or offer a serious proposal for spending and cuts that he would be willing to fight for,' Manchin, D-W.Va., said on the Senate floor.”

The Ace of Spades is tired of faux-fiscal-conservatism: “It's kabuki theater arranged by the Democrats — their Senators in purple or red states must be allowed to pose, as they do every six years, as moderates, at least in the year and a half before an election. Joe Manchin says Obama has failed to lead on the deficit and cost-cutting. That's nice. He will further vote against the Democrats' $10 billion in cuts as unserious. And you know what else he'll vote against? The Republicans' plan to cut $61 billion. Which he says is 'partisan' or something . . . Expect this kind of deception from a lot of the supposed 'moderates' in the Senate.”

But Don Surber gives him a bit more credit: “Manchin is a fiscal conservative — Cato gave hims A’s when he was governor — and he is a good guy going back to when he was a back-bencher in the West Virginia Senate . . . Here in Poca, West Virginia, I’d say he is about as vulnerable as Bobby Byrd was. You know, occasionally politicians are sincere.”

Okay, Pollyanna!

Jim Geraghty

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Measuring GOP Effectiveness by Joe Manchin's Jitters

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