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Truly Right View » From the Bench » Miguel Estrada on Goodwin Liu’s Contemptible Mud-Flinging

Miguel Estrada on Goodwin Liu’s Contemptible Mud-Flinging

More on Richard Painter’s insipid argument (see point 2 here) that Goodwin Liu’s attacks on the nominations of Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito shouldn’t be held against him:

Former D.C. Circuit nominee Miguel Estrada, whose unsuccessful nomination Richard Painter despicably tried to invoke in support of his shoddy Huffington Post defense of Liu, strongly disagrees with Painter. In an e-mail to me, Estrada writes (emphasis added):

No one doubts that Senators from both parties have behaved shamefully toward nominees of the other party. The treatment of then-Judge Alito by Democratic members of the Judiciary Committee is not yet all that far in the rear-view mirror, and some of President Obama's nominees have waited far too long.  There is much to be said, therefore, for the proposition that the degradation of the judicial confirmation process is a problem that cries out for a long-term solution.  The one thing that ought to be reasonably clear, however, is that someone who personally contributed to the sorry state of the confirmation process, by jumping in the mud pit with both feet and flinging the mud with both hands, is not well positioned to demand that standards be elevated solely for his benefit.  Surely Mr. Painter can find a better case than this to dramatize the need for reform.

Ed Whelan

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