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My Own Rant

Stop blaming our government, we voted for them, yeah right!

We voted for the politicians that promised us the most government services with the least taxes.

How could it be possible? It isn’t!

The unions want you to get paid $30/hr for a job that someone in China and India will do for $30/day, can you blame the big companies for moving to those country?

If you own the company (ala your 401k or IRA investment), would you do it to maximize profits?
If those companies or investments didn’t perform, your portfolio wouldn’t perform. Then you would blame them, right?

Wake up, its a fair game, if you had a unionized landscaping company who will take care of your yard for $400/month, while your next door neighbor will take care of it for $40, I am sure you will hire your next door neighbor.

If you want the United States to be able to compete with other countries (China, Taiwan) in this global economy. You will either need to lower your standard of living and wage to compete in their arena, or look to new ideas and innovations!


Remember what your teacher always told you smart people work with their brains not your brawn. Stop crying about our jobs getting shipped over seas. Start thinking about profitable new industries and ideas that offer jobs for more advanced professionals here at home!

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