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Newt 2012: Maybe. Eventually. Not Now. We Think. Could Change.

There's a healthy helping of Newt in today's Morning Jolt:

Out With The Old, In With the Newt… or Maybe Not

The Des Moines Register, among others, was all buzz late Tuesday night: “Republican Newt Gingrich plans to announce Thursday he is taking the first formal step toward running for president in 2012, the former U.S. House speaker’s senior political adviser told The Des Moines Register Tuesday.

Gingrich is expected to report during a public appearance with Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal at his home state’s Capitol in Atlanta that he is forming a federal exploratory committee, said Joe Gaylord, a Des Moines native who has been Gingrich’s top strategist for more than 20 years.

“It is exactly that, an exploratory committee,” Gaylord said in an interview. Gingrich would be the first better-known Republican in the gathering field to take the step.”

That’s a kind way of saying, ‘Yeah, yeah, there’s Herman Cain, but most of our readers don’t know who he is.’

Except… er… wait a minute! Later in the night, reports indicated it was not to be! NBC’s Chuck Todd: “Gingrich spokesperson issues press release to specifically announce that the ex-Speaker is NOT forming a presidential committee on Thursday in Georgia.”

Strangely enough, if Gingrich’s announcement doesn’t pan out as early reports indicated, it wouldn’t be the first time! Back in September 2007: “Former U.S. House speaker Newt Gingrich on Saturday decided against running for president in 2008, less than a day after the Republican indicated publicly that he would spend the next month exploring the viability of a White House bid. Gingrich said the last-minute change of heart, which came as aides readied the Web site and prepared to file campaign papers, was the result of legal advice that running for president would require stepping down as chairman of his nonprofit organization, American Solutions.”

This could make for a confusing slogan: “Bold. Clear. Decisive. Or perhaps not. Newt Gingrich for President… Maybe.”

The back-and-forth definitely had some Republicans groaning early. Chris Barron of GOProud: “Newt's campaign already a disaster.”

Jen Rubin measures up Gingrich as a candidate: “There is no doubt that Gingrich has an army of supporters (financial and otherwise) and a strong following among the Tea Partyers. But the near-uniform reaction to his run from political operatives, activists and staffers is that at some point his campaign will crash and burn. Perhaps it is his history of making bizarre and controversial statements that leads to that prediction. Maybe, Republicans remember all too well his disastrous speakership and figure he'll either mismanage his campaign or remind voters of the dangers of electing a figure who talks a great game but performs poorly in office.

But let's suppose he remains competitive, at least through a raft of debates. Now, that could be interesting. One Republican adviser muses, "I hope he doesn't blow up too quickly — his intellectual power IS strong and so we shall see how he does." He is a sharp debater and would, no doubt, go aggressively after his opponents' weaknesses (e.g. Mitt Romney's Massachusetts health-care plan, Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels's "social truce," Mike Huckabee's spending and tax record). Moreover, Gingrich has long been a proponent of a forward-leaning foreign policy and would give any neo-isolationists a tough time.”

Look, Gingrich could overcome a botched campaign launch. What would really derail him is if he did something completely inexplicable, like tape a commercial of him sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi, talking about how he completely agrees with her that “our country must take action to address climate change,” and that “if enough of us demand action from our leaders, we can spark the innovation we need.”

Oh, wait.

Here's how CNN characterizes the latest status: "Despite the conflicting messages emerging from the Gingrich camp, the former House Speaker is nevertheless expected to make presidential news following his appearance with Deal at the Georgia State Capitol on Thursday. He is still likely to announce his intention to explore running for president on Thursday in Atlanta, but it appears he will not file paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to form an actual committee."

It's the Schrodinger's cat campaign.

Jim Geraghty

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Newt 2012: Maybe. Eventually. Not Now. We Think. Could Change.

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