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People's Daily Touts Daley, High-Speed Rail

China's scandal-plagued high-speed rail  promoters are hooking up with Chicago pols. What could possibly go wrong?

Chicago is on track to become the first American city to introduce China's high-speed railway system. Chinese companies are also expected to fund this billion-dollar project.

That's the word from Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. He's on a two-week visit in China at the invitation of the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

Daley boarded the bullet train for a ride from the Chinese capital Beijing to neighboring Tianjin municipality. The 100-kilometer trip takes only about 20 minutes. Chicago wants to build a similar high-speed railway to link its O'Hare International Airport with its downtown areas. And the mayor is looking to Chinese companies for funding.

Lou Dolinar

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People's Daily Touts Daley, High-Speed Rail

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