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President Obama, Bringing His A-Game to What’s Important

You know, maybe we misjudged this president. Maybe he knows what he's doing after all.

I mean, in terms of his brackets: "On Day 1, Obama correctly picked 14 of 16 winners and is in the 99.7th percentile in Tournament Challenge."

As he once said, "I'm LeBron, baby." Indeed, Mr. President . . . overhyped.

UPDATE: Campaign Spot reader Michael adds, "I don’t believe that Obama filled out his own bracket.  That would have required him to make 63 decisions in a short period of time."

ANOTHER UPDATE: From Chuck Todd's "First Read" column:

*** Just noticing . . . : It’s amazing that one day after the president faced criticism from the right for being on ESPN to discuss his NCAA bracket and later speaking to DNC big donors, but said virtually nothing on Japan or Libya, he made an unexpected stop to the Japanese embassy in DC to pay his respects and then made a statement from the Rose Garden. But no, the White House doesn’t pay attention to this Beltway criticism . . . .

Jim Geraghty

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President Obama, Bringing His A-Game to What's Important

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