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Shep Smith Has Legendary Interview with Lawrence Taylor *video added

This will be everywhere tomorrow.  I’m sure theBlaze will have the video as soon as it’s available….but WOW.

Lawrence Taylor, just after becoming an official sex offender (congrats!), went on with Shep Smith about the charges he slept with an underage prostitute.  Some approximate quotes from LT:

  • –On underage prostitutes: “I mean, i don’t card ’em, I don’t ask for a birth certificate”
  • –A quaint admission of frequent use of prostitutes: “I have used the services before…yes.”
  • –LT likes prostitution because “it’s all clean…I don’t have to worry about her feelings, she doesn’t have to worry about  my feelings”
  • –On the charge from Gloria Allred that the teenager wasn’t a prostitute: “Well–somebody got paid $300. Maybe it was Gloria.”
  • –After being read a long list of drugs he’s done in his life: “No–no. I’ve never used heroin.”
  • –On fan reaction: “Fans tell me that I”m literally getting screwed.
Allow me to be the first to welcome this weeks brand new Charlie Sheen—Lawrence Taylor.
*Kevin Balfe contributed to this in depth report.
**Here’s some video from Business Insider.

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