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'Talk About a Meltdown'

ICYMI, Jonah has a good piece over on the homepage on the overreaction to Japan's nuclear situation. An excerpt:

More to the point, much of the discussion about what this means for American nuclear energy leaves out that even the Japanese reactors are 30 years out of date compared with new designs. So-called Generation III plants have passive cooling systems that do not depend on the electricity grid. Hence any moratorium on new nuclear construction — such as that being discussed in Congress — would prevent building plants that have leapfrogged the problems we see in Japan. 

And yet, many in the industry fear that the unscientific hysteria over the Japanese reactor will deal a mortal blow to nuclear power. You would at least think that climate-change activists, who want fossil-free energy (and to bolster the reputation of scientists), would be throwing coolant on the public meltdown. After all, a major backlash against nuclear will be a boon not for wind and solar — still profoundly inadequate to our energy needs — but for coal and natural gas.

Greg Pollowitz

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'Talk About a Meltdown'

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