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Thinking Ahead to Hawaii's Primaries . . .

A Campaign Spot reader in Hawaii who is tuned in to local political circles checks in on Sen. Daniel Akaka's retirement:

Lots going on in the state right now that is going to make voters yearn for the days of Lingle's governorship. No real obvious challenger to her on GOP side — Charles Djou will probably opt to not challenge her, but instead wait to take on Governor Abercrombie, or maybe take a shot at Inouye's seat when he retires. It will likely be a bloodbath in the primary on the Democrat side — Inouye doesn't have the political machine he once did to clear the decks for an anointed Democrat to run for the seat.  Several factions of the Democrat establishment are really "feeling their oats" with their successes over the last two or three election cycles on both the state and federal level.  There will also be a generational aspect to the primary on the Democrat side.

I would note that Hawaii's primaries are some of the last in the cycle; this year it was the last Saturday in September. After complaints about deadlines for overseas absentee ballots, the state's primary will now be held the second Saturday in August.

Jim Geraghty

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Thinking Ahead to Hawaii's Primaries . . .

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