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Axelrod's Backup Plan: Blago for President 2008!

Obviously, we can be skeptical of almost everything that comes out of Rod Blagojevich’s mouth. But it is an entertaining claim:

“In fact, David Axelrod, who works for Obama and very correctly picked the right horse, after the 2004 presidential election, called me the Wednesday after,” Blagojevich said in an interview on WGN Monday, “and talked to me about considering running for president in 2008.”


This story isn’t that outlandish. At the time, Blagojevich was governor of a major state and as he notes, the first Democrat governor of Illinois in 26 years. Obama had just been elected to the Senate and faced all of the much-discussed problems – inexperience, an unusual name, the question of whether the U.S. was ready to elect a black president, and so on.

Note in the interview, Blagojevich says to not write him off from having a political comeback; he declares he’s working on a book about great comebacks. “The chapter on me is waiting to be written.”

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Axelrod's Backup Plan: Blago for President 2008!

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