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Truly Right View » Politics » Gov’t regulations may force Nashville limos off the road

Gov’t regulations may force Nashville limos off the road

How many times have you heard from your liberal friends that a story like “Atlas Shrugged” could never come true, that it’s totally unrealistic?

Earlier this morning I linked to a Hot Air feature about the National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) dictating air giant Boeing’s operational plans. Now, the Institute for Justice is highlighting how the city of Nashville is forcing independent limo operators to nearly double their prices.

Ed Morrissey explains:

The Tennessee Livery Association, a trade group formed by the largest competitors in the field, pressed the Metropolitan City Council to pass a wide-ranging set of mandates that not only forces customers to either pay more or opt for taxi services rather than the more comfortable limo services, but also imposes onerous new costs onto smaller, independent operators. The net effect will reduce demand for limo services and squeeze small businessmen like Ali Bokhari out of the market

So clearly that whole Randian idea of an enterprise-crushing “Anti-Dog-Eat-Dog Rule” could never exist in real life.  Only in books.


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