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Mitt Is In! Well, the Exploratory Phase, At Least.

Earlier today, one of my regular sources asked if I had heard anything about Romney announcing his presidential campaign soon.

Apparently it’s very soon. Moments ago: “I am announcing my Exploratory Committee for President of the United States. Join us at #Mitt2012.”

It’s a big day for Romney. And good thing it’s not the anniversary of anything like, er, the big issue he’s going to have to overcome in the primaries or anything.

I suppose the announcement might preempt some of the five-year anniversary stories.

UPDATE: The announcement video:


A couple of quick thoughts…

1) Hitting Obama on job creation is probably going to be Romney’s best move. Obama defenders tell themselves that he’ll be fine, because the unemployment rate is going down. Of course, it’s rather revealing that they expect us to dance jigs over 8.8 percent, and how much of the recent drop comes from this administration’s hard times driving people out of the workforce.

2) “[Obama] and virtually all the people around him have never worked in the real economy. They just don’t know how jobs are created in the private sector – that’s where I’ve spent my entire career.” Er… really? Don’t they call you “Governor” for a reason?

3) No mention of health care.

4) “I am in New Hampshire. My first anecdote is about Nevada. Now try to guess the early primary states I will target.”

5) At the end of the day, Mitt Romney is still a first-tier contender. We can only imagine how a man so well-versed in economics and business would have handled campaigning during the fall 2008 Wall Street meltdown. He’s helped out a ton of Republican officials across the country, he’s got the core of a great staff left over from 2008, he has near-unlimited funds, and he’s smooth on television. Flaws? Absolutely. He had a lot of these advantages in 2008, and kept falling just short in a lot of make-or-break states – Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, California…

6) Mitt Romney is 64. I don’t think he looks (much) over 50.

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Mitt Is In! Well, the Exploratory Phase, At Least.

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