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NRSC: We're Doing Quite Well for an Off Year

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has their best off-year fund raising month since 2005:

Receipts for March 2011:              $5.0 M

Receipts Cycle-To-Date for 2011:               $11.2 M

(compared to $9.6 M by March 2009, and $6.9 M by March 2007)

Cash-on-Hand:                               $1,482,301

Debt:                                $2,750,000   (down from $6.5 million in January and lowest of the six campaign committees) 

“Since Senator Cornyn assumed the chairmanship in 2009, his finance goals for the NRSC have been three-fold — to be careful stewards of our donors’ money, to continue to close the fundraising gap with Senate Democrats and to ensure that not a single Republican candidate loses on Election Day because of a lack of financial resources.  The NRSC met, and exceeded, those goals last cycle, and while we’re still up against a Senate Democrat majority and the Fundraiser-In-Chief in the White House, we are committed to building on that success and winning back the majority next year.” 

– Rob Jesmer, NRSC Executive Director

I took a look at the cheery prospects for Republicans running for Senate this cycle here.

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NRSC: We're Doing Quite Well for an Off Year

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