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Obama Fundraiser Interrupted by Protesters

By Brian Montopoli, CBS News

President Obama was interrupted by a group of protesters at a fundraiser at the St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco on Thursday who called on him to release from jail alleged Wikileaks leaker Bradley Manning.

Mr. Obama was in the middle of his speech when he was interrupted by a woman in the back of the room, who stood up and started singing, according to a pool report. The room was small – there were only about 200 people – and Mr. Obama could not ignore the woman, who said she had prepared a song for the president.

She began singing and humming as the other people at her table held up tiny yellow and white signs reading “Free Bradley Manning.” Her song, which the other eight people at the table also began singing, included the lyric “we paid our dues, where’s our change.”

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Obama Fundraiser Interrupted by Protesters

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