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Short takes 4/21/2011 [Reader Post]

1) CBO’s only score budgets for 10 years. Why is Obama’s budget for 12?

2) Don’t misunderstand me on the Arianna Huffington deal—she has every right to sell her site, get the best price that she can for it, and then meander off to spend her money. That is wholly legitimate. It just strikes me as funny that, she plays this liberal compassionate card, and yet, when given half a chance to make a buttload of money, without giving so much as a dime to the bloggers who made her site, just strikes me as being a tad bit hypocritical.

3) It appears as if Speaker of the House John Boehner got rolled in the budget showdown. I thought that Harry Reid and Barack Obama were excessively gracious toward Boehner. Maybe this is why. Continue reading

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Short takes 4/21/2011 [Reader Post]

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