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Stories from a flash mob (of kindness) – part IV

Many Blaze readers have answered Glenn’s call for a “flash mob of kindness” today and a number of them have shared their stories with us.  Learn more about their selfless work here and here.

The latest inspiring story comes from Robert in Indiana.  He writes:

When Glenn announced the date for the Acts of Kindness movement I knew I had to get involved somehow. I say this because April 21st is actually my 1st anniversary for finding a job again.

As a sub-contractor to GE in July 2008, I was among the first in America who lost my job to the recession. I had just moved 600 miles away from home to take the job and was barely getting established when I got the notice. I was forced to pack up and move the 600 miles back because I didn’t have the foundation to survive more than a few days. Since then, I had fought the trials of unemployment. I applied for multiple dozens of jobs, worked 4 different positions, and still barely made ends meet.

So, I personally knew what some people now are going through. I knew I had to help somehow.

I tried to work with Freedom Connect, and though some expressed interest to help, nothing else came to fruition as a large mob. However, I didn’t let that stop me. Dipping into my own Food Reserves, I put together 6 meals. Each had Canned Tuna or Salmon, a can of vegetables, a can of fruit, a box of ready-make potatoes or stuffing, and 3 Bottles of Water.

It’s not a lot I know, but I had to do something.

On April 21, I asked my boss for an extended lunch break and then drove about a mile or two down to the nearest Unemployment Assistance office. The town I work in is rather small (only 23,000 people) in comparison to the metropolitan area I live in (830,000 residents). So, I chose the small town since I knew many flash mobs would be gathering in the Metro area. I spent nearly an hour talking to 5 different people, getting their story, sharing mine, and then offering them the meals I had packaged together.

I told each of them my job history and shared with them that I know how it feels to stand in those lines and how troubling it can be to know where your next meal will come from, let alone your next paycheck.

Though I was on my own, I met some people who have endured long hardships – some had been unemployed since September of 2009. One person I helped had been unemployed for months and actually had her daughter with her. When I offered the meal to her, she nearly broke down in the parking lot.

Each person I was able to help today was overwhelmed at the move of generosity, and a few were even surprised when I told them where the idea actually originated – ‘Uncle Glenn.’

All I can do now is hope each meal will help these people move forward with a restored, bolder sense of America and then prepare to do this again in the near future. I have no plans of making this a one-time occurrence.

Have a story from your own “flash mob of kindness” today?  We’d love to share it!  Email it to

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