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Truly Right View » Politics » Video: CNN anchor confesses his ‘eco-sins’

Video: CNN anchor confesses his ‘eco-sins’

Is it really a sin to own an SUV or multiple televisions?

Apparently so in the religion of tree-huggery, led by the church patriarch Rev. Al Gore. And so, standing on the altar of cable newsdom, CNN anchor T.J. Holmes confessed his “eco-sins” before the television audience Thursday:

h/t Newsbusters

Well, in today’s “XYZ,” I’d like confess my sins. I drive a Chevy Tahoe. It gets 15 miles to the gallon in the city. While some people have SUVs to haul their large families around, it’s just me driving by myself to work every day. I have a number of TVs in my high house and leave them on just about all day, every day. I often turn the water on in the shower, then I walk downstairs to maybe grab breakfast, leave the water running, then I go back upstairs to take a shower.

I buy 24 packs of bottled water at a time. Then I throw those bottles away without recycling. In the winter I crank the heat up to 75 or 76. All the light bulbs in my house are still the old school, less efficient incandescent bulbs.

Those are my eco-sins. I’m confessing them to you because tomorrow is Earth Day. It often goes ignored by many of us, including me. Not going to ignore this year. Why? Well, maybe it was an awakening. Maybe I was scolded recently by an environmentalist. Maybe I’m tired of wasting my own money. Whatever my reasons, whatever yours, happy Earth Day.

“[S]ay five Rachel Carsons and sing three Bob Dylan songs, my fellow planetary traveler, and go thee out and sin no more,” jokes Ed Morrissey.

For Holmes’ sake, I hope he planted a tree today to keep Earth Day holy. May Rev. Gore has mercy on his soul.

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