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The IRS Needs Constitutional Sensitivity Training

As the
Post reported last week
, the IRS specifically targeted
conservative “political action type organizations involved
in…educating on the Constitution and Bill of Rights,” along with
those of other motives. 

After the 2010 Citizens United case, the number of
political groups applying to be 501(c)4s doubled; the status
exempts non-profit “social welfare” organizations from taxes.

Tax law defines
such associations as “civic leagues or
organizations not organized for profit but exclusively for the
promotion of social welfare.”

The scandal arose from the application of this nebulous
definition to political organizations; under the law, 501(c)(4)s
cannot practice political activities primarily. The IRS selected
298 groups for special scrutiny in 2011, many of which “criticized
how the country is being run.”

On January 15, 2012, the IRS applied a new political test for
social welfare groups, looking specifically at those that sought to
limit the power of government or taught about our governmental

It is ironic that the IRS placed special scrutiny on
organizations educating about a document that helped conceive the
agency itself. It is as if the federal government doesn’t want its
citizens to practice our most important founding principle:

“Social welfare” must include the education of American history
and civic responsibilities. If we do not know our own history, we
tread the path to tyranny, then to instability, thus destroying
American society as we know it today. 

The Department of Education even recognizes this; any
educational institution that receives federal funds for a fiscal
year must “hold an
educational program about the U.S. Constitution for its

Thankfully, many people, including President Obama himself, see
this unwarranted scrutiny as a scandal and an abomination.
Targeting the Constitution worsens the scandal significantly, as it
provides a juicy example of what the Founders feared: arbitrary
authoritarianism by a centralized government.

Maybe the federal government should host annual constitutional
sensitivity courses. Every bureaucrat would hopefully realize where
their duty and responsibilities originate, even as they obstruct
their citizens from learning the same.

H/T to James Legee for
telling me about the DoE policy.

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The IRS Needs Constitutional Sensitivity Training

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