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PolitiFact’s guide to the Republican tax plans (so far)

Republicans touted their tax plans at the third GOP debate, calling for tax cuts, economic growth and the simplification of the U.S. tax code. Donald Trump wants to slash corporate taxes while forcing hedge fund managers to pay higher rates. Ben Carson suggests a flat tax between 10 and 15 percent. Ted Cruz wants to eliminate the Internal Revenue Service. But many of the candidates’ own claims about their tax plans were not grounded in facts. What’s more, experts said, the idea that you could cut taxes without blowing up the federal debt is mathematically and politically impossible. Most of … >>More … Read entire article »

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Video: Is Putting U.S. Special Forces in Syria a Violation of Obama’s Promise of ‘No Boots on the Ground’?

President Barack Obama said Monday that the planned deployment of dozens of U.S. special forces to Syria to advise opposition forces fighting Islamic State did not break his promise not to put “boots on the ground” in the Syrian conflict. You be the judge! Read more stories from TheBlaze (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Guest Asks Bill Maher if Muslim ‘Ideas Are Bad.’ He Delivers Comeback That Draws Loud Applause When Trump Protester Starts Shouting ‘Black Lives Matter!’ at Alabama Rally, the GOP Candidate Issues a Blunt Command for Security Bill Maher Mercilessly Mocks Ben Carson’s Faith Ted Cruz Is Asked to Name ‘Last Time’ He ‘Asked God for Forgiveness’ — Watch Him Recall the Incident New DNC Ad Accuses GOP of ‘Equating Islam, All Muslims, With Terrorists’ — but There’s a Big Problem … Read entire article »

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