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James Corbett: “The News” Is A Social Construct, It Is Used To Program You

James Corbett of ‘The Corbett Report’ discusses and dissects the idea of “The News,” and asks questions about who gets to decide what events make the cut.

JAMES CORBETT: One of the booby-traps that is implanted in our language is the term: “The News.”

As if there is one set of events that we can all universally agree upon are The set of events, “The News” that took place today that everyone must talk about. Think about what that implies. Who gets to choose what is “The News?”

And why do we insist on everyone that we consider to be in “The News” sphere to talk about the same set of events?

I bring this up because it strikes me that in the event of any “The News” set of events, people are always asking for my take on it… I think there is something insidious to that phenomenon because, in the alternative media, people like to think or believe that if the [mainstream] propaganda media is going to cover the news this way, then we’re going to show where they’re lying, or how they’re wrong, or where the agenda is going.

But it is still the fact that the MSM, the editors at MSMBS get to set the agenda that everyone is going to talk about by presenting “The News.”

Yes, sometimes there are spectacular events that one can not avoid discussing, and for me, these are the events like 9/11 that clearly did change peoples’ perceptions of the world, and did enable a number of agenda items to move along. Of course, the world was on a certain path, but it was certainly the catalyst for a lot of things.

But, I think people get so caught up in the day to day flow of “The News,” that is, again, being picked for your consumption by someone in some office by some editor at some MSM publication.

We get so caught up in that that we miss the bigger picture of what is happening, and that is detrimental.

If we do not take it upon ourselves to interrogate the overall narrative, and see what fits into and doesn’t git into that narrative, and where it is trending, that is where I think the real value of something like The Corbett Report lies…

I dare say that if you go and pick up a newspaper, from seven years ago, you’re probably not going to read a story that is so relevant to what is happening now, because the reporting is in that little box of “The News,” and this is the way we see the world, and this is the thing that everyone must talk about today, and we’ll all talk about something different tomorrow…

There should be people like myself, and others out on the watchtower looking at those big issues and trying to present that to the public, and then the public takes it upon themselves to find a solution to that.

The alternative to that is the alternative media constantly chasing the tail of the MSM dog. Today we’ve got to talk about this car ramming in some country, over here, and today Anti-fa vs. the alt-right is the biggest story in the world: What is this Canadian in Japan’s take on it?

You are being programmed! You are being programmed to think that these events are The events that really affect your life. Take a look around you, maybe they don’t affect your life. Who is deciding that? Is it you? Is it you who is deciding what the most important thing is in your life right now? And if the answer is no, you’ve got to think about where you are and what is happening, what is in your control, what are you looking for?

These are some big ideas, but I just want to stake my claim in the ground… I want people to think.

A. There is no such thing as objectivity when it comes to news and news reporting, because even what you chose to talk about and what you don’t choose to talk about is itself an editorial decision that will frame everything.

If the MSM gets to frame that discussion and tell you what “The News” is, they get to direct your attention this way or that way. They may get you to think that this is the biggest issue, and don’t get you to think about this, think about this.

My role, I see it with increasing clarity now, is to be that person on the watchtower pointing out the big agenda items that are coming along down the road.

The latest car-ramming, in and of itself, is going to be hot news for 24 hours until everyone forgets about it, but the driverless future is something that we’re all going to be living through for the years and decades to come. That is a titanic shift taking place, that has great relevance, and what I say about that will have relevance years from now. What I say about the latest news about this or that event will have relevance for maybe 24 hours.

I’m not saying there is no value to news reporting, I’m just saying that we have to keep our eyes on the bigger prize as well.

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