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Gold Star Widow: I Never Received A Phone Call From President Trump, I Was Told I Would

CNN: Gold Star widow Whitney Hunter says she was told to expect a call from President Trump within a few days, but the call never came. Whitney Hunter is interviewed Wednesday on CNN:

BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN HOST: Well, the White House says there is no recording of the president’s call with the widow of a soldier killed in Niger, even though he teased proof that contradicts a lawmaker’s account and also the account of the slain soldier’s mother that he told the widow he knew what he signed up for.

The president also suggested he has called or contacted every family member — or family of a military member killed in action. But when challenged, the White House says he has done so based on the information that the White House Military Office has given to him.

There are some families who have not heard from the president, and that includes my next guest.

Whitney Hunter is the widow of Army Sergeant Jonathon Hunter. He was one of two paratroopers who were killed just this past August because of a car bomb near Kandahar, Afghanistan. This was his first deployment.

And first off, Whitney, I mean, we can’t even begin to express how sorry we are for your loss, and also I think just for how sorry we are having to talk about this issue that has come up, when certainly you should be concentrating on grieving as the family of La David Johnson is.

But I just wonder, when you heard part of that briefing there, and there’s all of this controversy over the White House contacting families, Gold Star families, have — tell us about your experience with contact with the White House, with the president, with the vice president.

WHITNEY HUNTER, WIDOW OF U.S. SOLDIER: At the dignified transfer in Dover, I was extremely honored to have had Vice President Pence there.

He spent a great deal of time talking to me, and it wasn’t — it wasn’t an uncomfortable type of thing. He really was just a very genuine human being and he shared his condolences and he talked to me like he knew me forever, so it meant a lot for me to have him there.

Soon after, maybe it was — it was around the same time — I know that I was meeting with my casualty officer, and he received a call from the White House. I’m not exactly sure who, but he was told that I needed to be by my phone for the next few days because the president would be calling me to express his condolences on behalf of the nation.

And I just — I never received the phone call.

KEILAR: What would it have meant to have received the phone call?

HUNTER: I think, for me, I’m kind of neutral on the topic.

Just having the extreme outpouring of support and condolences, and just my support system in general, and the reaching out of all kinds of military officials and government officials, it made it — I knew that Jonathon’s sacrifice was appreciated.

And I knew that the condolences were sent out to me, so it was very genuine. But my issue is, I — having all of the support I had was great, but not receiving the phone call, it just — I don’t like that I was told that I would receive the phone call, but then I never did.


HUNTER: And I don’t have — I don’t have anything negative to say directly about the president, but my husband died for our country. He died for our nation in defense of our nation.

And I don’t want that to have been in vain or to have been — I don’t want it to be taken for granted. And I don’t have anything negative to say about our president, but I do know the difference between right and wrong. And whenever you say you’re going to do something, you’re supposed to do it.

And I just — I really wish — I just — I want people to know that. I mean, if you say you’re going to do something, do it.

KEILAR: Did you get a letter? HUNTER: I did receive — I received a presidential certificate.

To my knowledge, it’s customary for this type of situation that you are able to request a presidential certificate just acknowledging the death and the sacrifice, and it’s signed directly by the president, so I did receive that.

KEILAR: But you didn’t receive a personalized letter? It was more of a certificate?

HUNTER: Yes, ma’am, it was just — it was a certificate signed by the president, to my knowledge.


HUNTER: But I didn’t receive like a personal letter, no, ma’am.

KEILAR: I know you have gotten a tremendous outpouring from top-level military officials. You talked to the vice president, and clearly those words have brought you some comfort.

What would you have wanted to hear from President Trump?

HUNTER: Just — just knowing that it was appreciated, and not necessarily — appreciated isn’t the word.

There’s not really an appropriate word. Just knowing that he was grateful for the sacrifice of my husband and for Christopher Harris, and just hearing that, it would have been a tremendous honor to have heard that directly from the president.

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